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The Stories Behind Tattoos:
Processing Memories, Traumas & Symbolism with Brainspotting

Your tattoos may just be pieces of art on your skin, but they likely hold deeper meanings. The process of getting a tattoo often involves selecting a symbol, image or design that has significant personal meaning. The stories behind our tattoos can help us process emotions, memories and traumas that may otherwise be difficult to articulate. 


In this workshop we’ll use Gazespotting, Outside Window, & Inside Window Brainspotting to process the emotions, memories, and traumas that underlie the stories our tattoos tell that may otherwise be difficult to articulate.



Combined with sharing our own tattoo stories, this workshop provides a powerful opportunity for healing and insight

into new ways we can use Brainspotting with our clients.


When: Friday 2/9/2024 from 10am-3pm EST

Where: Zoom

Cost: $225 for practitioners or $155 for students

Continuing Education Credit Available: 4 NBCC credit hours

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