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woman holding model brain for brainspotting therapy

Brainspotting is an innovative brain-based, somatic, relational therapy for processing trauma.

Some people do not want to talk about their trauma, and with Brainspotting therapy you do not have to.  This is based on the concept that trauma gets stuck in the body and deep layers of the brain, where there is no language.  Therefore, trauma can also be processed without language.


The term Brainspot refers to the eye position that connects with the energetic or emotional activation of a particular issue.  The focused eye position activates activity in the limbic brain that is connected with the issue being processed. This is based on the idea that trauma gets stored in the deep, subcortical layers of the brain which cannot be accessed through traditional talk therapy*.  


*Grand, D. (2013). Brainspotting: The revolutionary new therapy for rapid and effective change. Sounds True.

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