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Trauma Therapy

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Trauma affects the whole person - body, mind and spirit. At our practice, we take a holistic approach to trauma therapy that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of healing. We utilize techniques grounded in neuroscience that help rewire neural pathways and reprogram trauma responses.  

Some of the modalities we integrate into our trauma therapy include:

Brainspotting - This somatic technique allows clients to tap into trauma held deep in the brain. By holding eye positions, we are able to locate trauma "hot spots" and activate the body's natural healing responses.   

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing uses bilateral stimulation to help clients reprocess traumatic memories and disturbing thoughts. This can help reduce trauma symptoms and develop more adaptive coping strategies.

Yoga and Meditation - Practices like yoga and meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress while cultivating mindfulness. They allow clients to gain awareness of and distance from trauma responses, facilitating healing and growth.

Neuroplasticity- By consciously focusing attention and intention, we can change neural pathways in the brain. We incorporate neuroplasticity principles to help clients rewire trauma-related thought patterns and behaviors.

Psychedelic and Ketamine Assisted Therapies - In conjunction with traditional talk therapy, these therapies show promise in helping clients break free from trauma's grip. We integrate them into our holistic approach when appropriate.

Our goal is to support clients on their journey towards wholeness and wellbeing. We aim to alleviate suffering, empower clients, and nurture their spirit through trauma-informed, research-backed techniques.

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