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Supervision & Consultation

On a Video Call

Are you an intern or practitioner interested in exploring the benefits of psychedelic assisted therapy and alternative brain-body modalities? I am forming a supervision and consultation group focused on these cutting-edge approaches. 


If this sounds like the type of community you've been seeking, I enthusiastically invite you to apply! Our group will gather once a month to provide support, feedback, and fresh perspectives for one another's practices. Together, we'll push the boundaries of traditional therapy models and discover innovative ways to help clients heal. 


Through sharing our diverse skill sets, expertise, and experiences within the group, each member will develop a stronger foundation for their own work. Group members will have the opportunity to discuss challenging client cases, receive insight from their peers, and generate creative solutions informed by the latest research in these emerging fields. 

If you're ready to join a network of like-minded practitioners pushing the field forward, I hope you'll consider applying. Together we'll advance the therapeutic conversation, explore new frontiers of the mind, and ultimately empower more lives with innovative healing solutions. I look forward to learning with you and sharing this journey with an enthusiastic group of pioneers!


When: Last Friday of each month from January - June 2024 from 12-1pm EST,

Starting Friday January 26th.


Where: Zoom


Cost: $300 for all six sessions for practitioners ($50/session) or $240 for students ($40/session). *CareCredit can be used for this service!

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