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Couples & Family Therapy

Family with Pets

Relationship issues are complex and multi-faceted. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond just talking through problems. We understand that the brain, body and nervous system play an important role in how we interact with others. Our therapy integrates brain science, somatic awareness and mindfulness practices to help you resolve conflicts, improve communication and strengthen your connections.  

When you come to us, we start by listening carefully to understand the full context of your situation. We evaluate how stress and emotions are impacting your nervous system, body and thoughts. Together we develop strategies to help you regain a sense of calm, clarity and empathy for your partner. Our exercises teach awareness of body signals, co-regulation of nervous systems and  nonverbal communication skills.  


Our goal is to give you practical tools that integrate the wisdom of your mind with the intelligence of your body and nervous system. We help you strengthen the connections that nourish your relationships, so you can resolve conflicts and enjoy true closeness.

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