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Meditation Class

Let's Meditate!

Free Monthly Group

Take a moment for yourself and recharge your inner batteries. You deserve some peace and quiet in this hectic world!


We invite you to join our free monthly meditation group where you can learn meditation techniques, gain support from like-minded people and find moments of calm and clarity. 

The last Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm EST we come together online via Zoom to meditate. All levels are welcome - whether you're a beginner looking to start a meditation practice or an experienced meditator seeking community. There are no fees or obligations - just show up as you are. 

Together we will meditate for 30 minutes, where you will be guided through a variety of meditations including: mindfulness meditation, body scan, breath awareness, progressive muscle relaxation, loving-kindness meditation, and more.. Then we have a few minutes for anyone to share what's and set an intention for the week ahead.

The benefits of meditation are countless. Research shows it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and productivity, boost self-awareness and empathy - and much more. But these benefits come more easily with the support of a group where you feel understood and motivated. 

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