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Brainspotting for Psychedelic Integration After Ketamine Therapy

Updated: May 23, 2023

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Brainspotting is an incredible tool that can offer you a deep transformation after ketamine therapy. In a nutshell, brainspotting is a powerful mind-body technique for identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of physical, emotional and mental conditions. Think of it as a way to pinpoint the exact source of trauma and then release it to experience a complete transformation in mind, body and spirit.

This process can be combined with ketamine therapy in order to maximize the therapeutic effects of both modalities. Brainspotting helps you to identify what needs to be released or changed after the ketamine-assisted therapy session, which can provide remarkable results. It can even help you process traumatic experiences from your past and release them safely and effectively.

By recognizing where trauma or physical pain is located in your body, brainspotting allows you to unearth patterns or behaviors that have been guiding your life for years that no longer serve you. With this insight, you can create new neural pathways that free up energy for healing and transformation. In this way, brainspotting offers a powerful integration tool for ketamine therapy sessions, allowing you to benefit more fully from their healing effects.

By combining ketamine assisted therapy with brainspotting, you can get to the core of trauma-related issues like anxiety and depression with personalized care.

Reducing Anxiety Symptoms

Brainspotting gives you an opportunity to identify and process triggers that can cause anxiety symptoms, like trouble sleeping or irrational fears. Once identified, these triggers can be managed more easily and with less intensity, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Helping to Regulate Emotions

Brainspotting helps to regulate emotions by allowing deeper emotional processing skills that help us manage difficult memories or feelings. This not only helps reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, but also gives us the ability to find solutions to our problems in healthier ways.

Exploring Unresolved Trauma

Brainspotting can also be used to help explore unresolved trauma so it doesn't continue to affect your relationships or overall well-being. This allows you to heal from traumatic experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

By combining ketamine assisted therapy with brainspotting, you'll be able to identify why you react certain triggers. You'll have a unique opportunity to process difficult experiences or confusing insights that may have come up during your ketamine treatment.

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