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Why Integration Therapy Matters

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Now is the time to process and apply insights to your daily life.  Integration therapy helps make sense of your psychedelic journey and gives you tools to move forward in a positive way. They can help you:

  • Identify patterns and themes from your experiences. What symbols, messages or visions stood out? What do they mean for you?

  • Address challenges and obstacles holding you back. Maybe you gained a new perspective on unhealthy relationships or habits. An integration therapist helps you make an actionable plan to confront them.

  • Find purpose and meaning. Psychedelics often provide a sense of connection and insight into your life's direction. But translating that into practical steps can be hard. Integration therapy helps you find concrete ways to make changes that align with your purpose.

  • Stay accountable and motivated. Having the support of an integration therapist, especially in the weeks after ketamine treatment or other psychedelic experience, helps ensure insights become real and lasting change. They can check-in on your progress and encourage you through challenges.


Common Forms of Integration



Speaking with a therapist can help you process your experience, gain insights, and discuss how to apply any lessons learned to your daily life.  We focus on treating your mind, body, nervous system, and soul.



Writing down your thoughts, feelings, visions, and insights from your ketamine journey can be profoundly useful for integration. Refer back to what you wrote to gain a deeper understanding of teachings or messages received during your journey. Journaling also helps reinforce any new perspectives or thought patterns you want to strengthen.


Creative Practices

Engaging in creative activities like art, music, poetry or free dancing are highly effective ways to facilitate integration. Don't worry about the end result or judging what you create - the act of creative expression itself is what's important. Tap into the part of your mind accessed during your infusion and see what wants to be expressed.


Lifestyle Changes

Ketamine and other psychedelics can increase awareness and motivation to make positive lifestyle changes. Take time before and after your medicine session to identify any habits or patterns you want to change to support your wellbeing. Every small change you make will help reinforce your progress.


Staying dedicated to practices that strengthen new neural pathways and support positive change will help ensure the benefits of the medicine are long-lasting. While the medicine may be the catalyst, integration is what makes real transformation possible.

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